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    • TeamDM Master Material Guide

      TeamDM Master Material Guide

      At Desktop Metal, we offer more than metals now. Our materials library spans virtually every category, from metals and polymers, to ceramics, composites, and even upcycled materials such as wood. In an effort to drive production 3D printing to the masses, our qualified materials are designed to ensure that you can 3D print with success and deliver the high-quality parts you need for end-use production.

    • Functional prototyping using metal 3D printing

      Functional prototyping using metal 3D printing

      Functional prototypes are critical to development of a product or part - allowing engineers to test new ideas and designs while also revealing how a product will stand up to real-world use.

    • Manufacturing the Cars of Tomorrow

      Manufacturing the Cars of Tomorrow

      With the ability to make parts faster, cheaper and more complex than ever before - this is how the cars of tomorrow will be manufactured.

    • BMD Design Guide

      Studio System Design Guide

      To leverage the advantages of additive manufacturing, it is important to optimize your design for the BMD process— printing, debinding, and sintering. Learn the best practices with this downloadable BMD Design Guide.

    • Metal finishing for 3D printed parts

      Metal finishing for 3D printed parts

      Desktop Metal partnered with Fortune Metal Finishing (FMF) to test several finishing methods on metal parts printed with the Studio System. This study focuses on three finishing technologies: centrifugal disc, centrifugal barrel, and media blasting.

    • The Studio System Part Gallery Catalog

      The Studio System Part Gallery Catalog

      This catalog contains over 50 metal 3D printed part examples with real-use case descriptions from Studio System customers, printed in a range of materials. Examples are complete with use-case details, benefits, cost savings vs traditional manufacturing, and part specifications.

    • Live Sinter software

      Manufacturing Preparation Software for Successful Sintering of Binder Jet 3D-Printed Metal Parts (2022)

      Desktop Metal’s Live Sinter™ is a manufacturing preparation software for the successful production of powder metal sintered parts. During this webinar, learn more about the causes of sintering distortion and how Live Sinter simulates part behavior, including shrinkage and distortion, to help Desktop Metal customers 3D print and sinter metal parts successfully.

    • Metal 3D Printing Success Stories

      Metal 3D Printing for Machine Shops: Success Stories from the Field

      Binder jet metal 3D printing has become more widely adopted by machine shops across the globe. This technology provides many benefits to shop owners and operators, including increased productivity, faster lead times, affordable per-part costs and reduced time/labor. Binder jetting has become a key technology to bring metal additive manufacturing to mass production. Desktop Metal's Shop System is designed to bring metal 3D printing to machine shops.

    • Metal Binder Jetting - How Does it Work?

      Metal Binder Jetting - How Does it Work?

      Binder jetting is an AM process that uses industrial printhead to selectively deposit a liquid binding agent onto a thin layer of powder particles — either metal, sand, ceramics or composites — to build high-value and one-of-a-kind parts and tooling. It is a rising star in AM, thanks to its speed and accuracy, though also its potential for high volume production. In the case of metal 3D printing, it is considered to be a good choice for scaling up additive manufacturing thanks to its cost-effectiveness compared to many other metal methods.