4140 Chromoly Steel

One of the most versatile steels, 4140 is characterized by its toughness, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance, making it a great all-purpose steel for industrial applications.

Introducing Fiber™

Introducing Fiber™. Combining continuous fiber tape with industry-proven composites, Fiber™ makes it possible for every engineer to create parts with unrivaled strength and lightness, all from their desktop.
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Bound Metal Deposition (BMD) Design Guide

To leverage the advantages of additive manufacturing, it is important to optimize your design for the BMD process— printing, debinding, and sintering. Learn the best practices with this downloadable BMD Design Guide.

Additive Manufacturing: The Next Frontier - Roundtable

In honor of National Manufacturing Day today, Desktop Metal has invited thought leaders in additive manufacturing to come together to share their vision on the future of AM and the next frontier for the manufacturing industry. Join us for this thought-provoking roundtable discussion.

H13 Tool Steel

Characterized by its exceptional hot hardness, abrasion resistance, and stability in heat treatment, H13 is a tool steel widely used in both hot and cold work applications.

Print issue communication with 3D print shop customers

In this video, learn how Fab Flow allows you to automatically identify print issues and then illustrate them in 3D to clearly communicate what’s wrong and how the model should be fixed.