We’re more than metal now

At Desktop Metal, our portfolio of Team DM brands was carefully curated by the brightest engineering minds to drive the future of Additive Manufacturing 2.0, or production-volume 3D printing.

We’ve paired 3D printing technologies that we view as truly production capable with performance materials and select applications and technologies to help drive the next generation of additive. Achieving this goal requires speeds and costs that compete with conventional manufacturing, as well as new levels of uptime and reliability in 3D printing.

Our #TeamDM employees are passionate in the belief that AM 2.0 technologies can deliver more advanced parts and products that can truly change the world at high, meaningful volumes. From lighter, smarter vehicles to new sources of energy to completely customizable patient care products, our team is aggressively pursuing a sustainable and modern manufacturing technology future.

_Industry Leaders

In less than a decade, Desktop Metal has helped to reshape the AM industry. With a growing team of 1000+ employees, we're now the world leaders in binder jet 3D printing, and we're also proud to have one of the world's largest networks of DLP polymer customers -- two processes we view as key to driving mass 3D production. Headquartered in Burlington, Mass., Desktop Metal now has engineering facilities in California, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas -- as well as Germany, Italy, Belgium and Japan. In all, our distribution network now spans 65+ countries, with 200+ partners. What's more, our technology is powering some of the best known manufacturers in the world.

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