Desktop Metal® Exists to Deliver on the Vision of 3D Printing: Mass Production

  • Production System™
  • Introducing Shop System™
  • Studio System™
  • X-Series
  • PureSinter

Key Stats

_Vision Matters

Our Team DM portfolio of 3D printers, materials, applications, and technologies was carefully curated to drive the future of Additive Manufacturing 2.0. Our team is passionate in the belief that production 3D printing can produce more advanced parts and products that can truly change the world at high, meaningful volumes.

  • 6,000+
  • 650+
  • 250+

3D Printing Systems. Designed for every application.

    • Metal

    High-speed metal 3D printing for production with SPJ technology.

    • Metal and Ceramics

    Binder jet 3D printing featuring patented Triple ACT for excellent surface quality and specialty materials, including both metals and ceramics.

    • Metal

    Batch production of fully dense, customer-ready metal parts.

    • Metal

    Office-friendly production of metal parts and prototypes.

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