The Ultimate Guide to Laser-Free Metal 3D Printing with Binder Jetting Technology

In this guide

This 40-page guide is the most authoritative introduction to date on metal binder jetting — the most promising ASTM-recognized 3D printing technology for the mass production of metal parts and products. This guide contains a comprehensive overview of high-speed 3D printing of metals without a laser. In binder jetting, an inkjet printhead — similar to those used in a paper printer — applies a liquid binder to powdered metal one layer at a time to create a desired object. Similar to parts created with Metal Injection Molding (MIM), the printed object is then sintered to high density in a furnace.

Metal 3D Printing Binder Jetting

Inside this guide, you’ll take a deep dive into what makes binder jetting a truly special and advantageous approach in the metal 3D printing marketplace.

We’ll cover these topics:
• Binder jetting’s unique benefits in metal manufacturing
• Ideal applications for metal binder jetting
• Inkjet printheads as an industrial power tool
• Printer system design approaches and considerations
• An overview of powder, binder, and printing recipes
• The future of binder jetting aluminum and titanium
• How binder jetting compares to laser powder bed fusion
• The rapid evolution of binder jetting in the marketplace

Explore why binder jetting holds the keys to enabling the next era of Additive Manufacturing 2.0, which can unlock the innovation, agility and sustainability benefits of 3D printing in meaningful high volumes.