Manufacturing Preparation Software for Successful Sintering of Binder Jet 3D-Printed Metal Parts (2022)

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Desktop Metal’s Live Sinter™ is a manufacturing preparation software for the successful production of powder metal sintered parts.

Sintering is a key step in the metal binder jet 3D printing workflow. However, many parts experience warpage in the furnace that can lead to unsatisfactory final results. Rather than fight the effects of gravity, friction, shrinkage, and distortion, Desktop Metal Live Sinter software embraces the natural forces at work during sintering and provides advanced simulation to predict and correct for errors when sintering printed parts using binder jetting systems.

During this webinar, learn more about the causes of sintering distortion and how Live Sinter simulates part behavior, including shrinkage and distortion, to help Desktop Metal customers 3D print and sinter metal parts successfully.