Introduction to the Studio System

Process Overview

Introduction to the Studio System


In these videos you will learn about how you can make high quality metal parts from the comfort of your office using the Desktop Metal Studio System. The first video describes a high-level overview of the entire process, from digital file to sintered part. The process requires 3 pieces of equipment; a printer, a debinder, and a furnace. In this post, you will find a video describing each of the three pieces of equipment as well as a video on Live Studio™ (formerly known as Fabricate), the software that controls the entire Studio System process.

01 Software


Live Studio™ was built from the ground up to enable a simple and seamless workflow from digital file to sintered part. It integrates with the Studio System printer, debinder and furnace to reduce operator burden, ensure process efficiency, and automatically optimize fabrication of high-quality metal parts.

02 Printer


Desktop Metal's Studio System printer uses Bound Metal Deposition, an extrusion-based print technology that combines the powder metallurgy process of metal injection molding with the most widely used plastic 3D printing method, FFF. The result of the print process is a green part — a part made of metal powder combined with a polymer and wax binder. In this video, we discuss how the printer works and a few of its standout features.

03 Debinder


The Studio System debinder uses a solvent debind process to remove preliminary binder from the part in preparation for thermal debind and sintering. In this video, you will learn how the studio system debinder works, as we use it to debind a batch of parts.

04 Furnace


The Studio System has the only office-friendly sintering furnace in the world. Scaled to fit through an office door, this compact, high-volume furnace serves two purposes in the Studio System process: first, to conduct a thermal debind, second, to sinter parts to full density. This video will explain how the Studio System furnace works and a few key features that set this one-of-a-kind sintering furnace apart.