Industrial-grade composites, featuring continuous carbon fiber and fiberglass tape for unrivaled part strength*. Introductory pricing starting at $3,495/yr*

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Material performance


Continuous fiber composites exponentially expand the material performance landscape by a factor of over 60x.

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    Chopped Fiber

    Most thermoplastic printers fall within a narrow range:

    • — <8 GPa tensile modulus
    • — <100 MPa strength

    Minor enhancements within this range are achieved via modifications to polymers or with the addition of chopped carbon fiber and fiberglass fillers.

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    Continuous Fiber

    Existing 3D-printed polymer and composite materials only account for a small fraction of engineering needs.

    Continuous fiber printing expands this landscape to enable stronger, lighter-weight components.

    • — Over 75x stiffer than ABS
    • — Over 60x stronger than ABS
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An end-to-end solution.

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* Fiber™ uses unidirectional μAFP tape. The same type of industrial fiber material used to manufacture the highest performance fiber parts.

** Built with unidirectional μAFP tape, widely considered to be one of the highest performance structural materials available.

***Based on published list price of comparable industrial continuous fiber composite printers available as of 10.31.2019, pricing subject change.

The uses depicted are actual uses by customers based on professionally designed parts using the Fiber™ printer. What you design, print, build, and use is your responsibility. Build responsibly.