FORBES - 3-D Printing Unicorn Desktop Metal Grabs Another $160 Million As It Prepares To Ship Its Mass-Production Printers

Jan 24, 2019 - Desktop Metal, a 3-D printing unicorn, has raised another $160 million, bringing its total funding to a whopping $438 million and its valuation to some $1.5 billion.

Desktop Metal Honored by Goldman Sachs for Entrepreneurship

OCT 17, 2018 - Ric Fulop, CEO and Co-Founder Among Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs at 2018 Builders + Innovators Summit

FORBES - The Next Industrial Revolution: How A Tech Unicorn’s 3-D Metal Printers Could Remake Manufacturing

Ric Fulop, the 43-year-old cofounder and chief executive of Desktop Metal, is eager to show off the skunkworks for the company’s giant 3-D metal printers, which can produce stainless steel, aluminum and other metal alloy parts at assembly-line speeds and in large quantities. 

MIT TECH REVIEW—The 3D printer that could finally change manufacturing

Desktop Metal thinks its machines will give designers and manufacturers a practical and affordable way to print metal parts...3-D printing could create new possibilities in manufacturing—and, just maybe, reimagine the art of metallurgy.

WIRED - 3-D Printing is the Future of Factories (for Real this Time)

The cohort of 3-D plastic printing and additive manufacturing businesses is swelling, but right now Desktop Metal is the only company focusing on metal 3-D printing, and its valuation reflects the intellectual property they own.

FORBES - GE's Former CEO Jeff Immelt Joins Board of 3-D Printing Unicorn Desktop Metal

Jeff Immelt, former chief executive of General Electric, has joined the board of 3-D metal printing startup Desktop Metal, bringing the knowledge gained from pushing the industrial behemoth into additive manufacturing.

BLOOMBERG - The 3D Printing Company That Could Transform Manufacturing

Desktop Metal, maker of 3D printers, is valued at more than $1 billion and recently brought on Ford Motor as a strategic investor. The Burlington, Massachusetts-based startup is developing 3D technology to print metal that could transform manufacturing. 

PBS NewsHour - How 3D printing is spurring revolutionary advances in manufacturing and design

Host Miles O’Brien interviews co-founder A. John Hart, Ph.D. and CEO Ric Fulop on the advancements made in 3D printing that are spurring a revolution in manufacturing and design.

CNBC - Ford is investing in Desktop Metal, a 3-D printing start-up

The automaker is leading a $65 million investment in Desktop Metal, a 3-D printing start-up. Ford Motor CTO Ken Washington has joined the board of Desktop Metal. ING predicts that by 2060, half of all manufactured goods will be printed.

MIT TECH REVIEW - 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018

Desktop Metal, began to ship its first metal prototyping machines in December 2017. It plans to begin selling larger machines, designed for manufacturing, that are 100 times faster than older metal printing methods.

3DPRINT.COM - Desktop Metal Receives Two Patents for Removable 3D Printing Support Technology

Desktop Metal announced that it has been granted seminal patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its inventions in interface layer technology for both the Studio System and the Production System.

FORBES - Desktop Metal Begins Shipping Its Metal 3D Printers For The Office

Massachusetts-based metal 3D-printing startup Desktop Metal announced Monday that it's now shipping it's printers to customers in its "Pioneer" program.

TCT MAGAZINE—Desktop Metal begins taking orders of Studio System throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada & Mexico

Desktop Metal has announced it has begun accepting orders of its Studio System from companies throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada and Mexico.—Desktop Metal expanding sales of metal 3D printing systems internationally

Desktop Metal has announced that it is accepting pre-orders of the Studio System from international customers as well, in Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada and Mexico. The company has been seeing interest from around the world, and is taking orders from customers in Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom with plans to expand further through Europe and Asia Pacific.—Desktop Metal now taking international pre-orders for Studio System metal 3D printer

Desktop Metal has announced it will begin taking international pre-orders for its innovative desktop metal 3D printing Studio System. The Burlington, Massachusetts-based company has gained significant attention over the past year, since it announced the commercial release of its much anticipated desktop metal 3D printing technology.

MAKE PARTS FAST—Desktop Metal expanding internationally

Desktop Metal, a company committed to bringing metal 3D printing to engineers and manufacturers, announced it will begin accepting international pre-orders of its metal 3D printing system, the Studio System, from companies throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada and Mexico.

3DPI—Trends in additive manufacturing for end-use production with Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal is the maker of metal 3D printing systems designed for mass production. The Burlington, MA based enterprise was voted 3D Printing startup of the year by our readers

BOSTON GLOBE—Thinking outside the mold, with 3-D printers that make objects of steel

At first glance, there’s nothing high-tech about a stainless steel door hinge. Unless it’s made by Desktop Metal. But the company isn’t a Rust Belt relic — a metal-casting company left over from the glory days of America’s Iron Age. It’s a modern startup operating out of an office park in Burlington.

POPULAR SCIENCE—This year's 11 most important innovations in engineering

At an industrial scale, 3D printing with shiny alloys isn’t the next big thing. It’s just big. And big-ticket. Now companies can forgo the seven-figure monster machines for something smaller and faster.

ALL3DP — Interview with Desktop Metal: The metal 3D printing hype is real (and made of steel)

While 2017 has been jam-packed with tons of excitement and innovation within the 3D printing industry, the Massachusetts startup Desktop Metal certainly stole the spotlight with the unveiling of their groundbreaking metal additive manufacturing platform back in April. With massive investments from the likes of Alphabet (Google), BMW, and Lowe’s, Desktop Metal has spent that last few years trying to develop a metal 3D printing system that is exceptionally faster, smaller, and more affordable than the industry standard.

HUFFINGTON POST — 3D printing could be going mainstream sooner than you think

The superstars behind this effort are Desktop Metal, a series D titan with egregious financial support that’s offering some pretty real hype. If they deliver, Desktop Metal will transmute metal printing from an extravagant, rigid platform into a reliable solution that’s 20 times cheaper and 100 times faster.

TECHCRUNCH — Desktop Metal gets $115 million in funding to deliver metal 3D printing for manufacturing

Desktop Metal is getting some healthy monetary support, adding $115 million of venture funds to its coffers this week. The Series D features a number of high profile names, including New Enterprise Associates, GV (formerly Google Ventures), GE Ventures, Future Fund and Techtronic Industries, the holdings company that owns Hoover U.S. and Dirt Devil.

CNBC—A metal 3-D printing start-up aims to make manufacturing much cheaper

A start-up called Desktop Metal has developed 3-D printers that can produce metal objects safely, in smaller spaces and for a lower cost than traditional manufacturing, which requires expensive machinery, lots of floor space and risky physical labor.

FORTUNE—This startup just got over $100 million to push metal 3D-printing

Although 3D printing has so far been a bust when it comes to consumers, investors still have high hopes for the technology when it comes to industrial manufacturing. One such benefactor is Burlington, Mass.-based Desktop Metal, which said Monday that it landed $115 million in funding.


Desktop Metal, a start-up that works on 3-D printing using metal, is to announce on Monday that it has raised $115 million in a new financing round. The start-up focuses on letting engineering teams quickly build complex metal parts for prototypes in their offices, instead of waiting for models to be machined or cast from metal.

VENTUREBEAT—Desktop Metal raises $115 million to make metal 3D printing more accessible

Desktop Metal, a company specializing in bringing metal 3D printing systems to more manufacturers and engineers, has raised $115 million in a series D round of investment from a slew of notable investors, including GV (formerly Google Ventures), New Enterprise Associates (NEA), GE Ventures, Future Fund, Techtronic Industries (TTI), Lux Capital, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

BOSTON GLOBE—Desktop Metal gets $115 million investment in 3D printing technology

Desktop Metal, the Burlington-based maker of 3D metal-printing devices, announced Monday morning that it had brought in $115 million in new investment — its largest round to date and one of the region’s most significant this year.

XCONOMY—Desktop Metal grabs $115M, preps September launch of first product

Desktop Metal has added $115 million in venture capital to its coffers. The Series D funding round announced Monday ups the already-high expectations for the Burlington, MA-based metal 3D printing company, one of New England’s biggest technology bets. Two-year-old Desktop Metal has hauled in a total of $212 million from investors—all before shipping its first product.

BOSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL—Google, GE help lead a $115M investment in Desktop Metal

Burlington-based Desktop Metal Inc. has reportedly reached "unicorn" status — a private company valued at $1 billion or more — less than two years after its first fundraising thanks to a new, $115 million Series D funding round from its big-name backers.

METAL AM—Desktop Metal closes further $115 million in latest round of funding

Desktop Metal, Burlington, Massachusetts, has announced the completion of a $115 million Series D investment round to further accelerate the company growth and adoption of its end-to-end metal AM systems. This brings Desktop Metal’s funding to a total of $212 million since its October 2015 inception, with this round reportedly marking the largest individual private round of funding ever received by a metal Additive Manufacturing company. 

TCT MAGAZINE—Desktop Metal closes $115M funding round to drive accessible metal 3D printing

After launching its metal 3D printing technology on the market at RAPID + TCT in May, Desktop Metal has today announced the completion of a $115 million Series D investment round to further accelerate its rapid business growth and adoption of its end-to-end systems.

3DPI—Desktop Metal receives further $115 million to bring 3D printed metal to market

Award winning start-up Desktop Metal, has raised a further $115 million. The Burlington, Massachusetts based 3D printer manufacturer has announced the closing of a series D finance round. This brings the total finance raised by the company to $212 million.

3DPRINT.COM — New Metal 3D printing technology pays off

Desktop Metal announced that it has procured $115 million in Series D investments, bringing its total to $212 million in financing.

3DERS.ORG — Much-hyped 3D printing company Desktop Metal raises $115M from Google, GE, others

Metal 3D printing company Desktop Metal has raised $115 million in a Series D investment round, attracting funding from GV (Google Ventures), GE Ventures, and others.

THE ECONOMIST—3D printers start to build factories of the future

Recent advances make 3D printing a powerful competitor to conventional mass production.

MODERN MACHINE SHOP—The arrival of low-cost metal AM?

A recent advance in additive manufacturing technology promises to expand the accessibility and applicability of AM for metal parts specifically in CNC machine shops. Desktop Metal is a company offering one of these low-cost metal AM systems. The system builds metal parts via a process different from the powder-bed fusion and directed energy deposition processes established for metal 3D printing today.

MIT TECH REVIEW—50 smartest companies 2017

19. With nearly $100 million from VC firms, GE, Alphabet, and others, this startup is trying to use 3-D printing, a technology that has focused on plastics, to reinvent how we make the metal parts essential to much of manufacturing. Making this kind of printing easy and cost-effective is a challenge, but Desktop Metal has laid out the pricing for its products, a promising indication of progress toward commercialization.

MIT SLOAN FELLOWS—The future of manufacturing is here, and it’s in 3D

The company that arguably is creating the noisiest buzz in the 3D space is Burlington, Massachusetts-based Desktop Metal—one of BostInno’s “17 Boston tech companies to watch in 2017.”  CEO Ric Fulop, SF ’06, launched the startup in October of 2015 to bring metal 3D printing to design and manufacturing companies across the globe.

THE OBSERVER—The 7 coolest global companies fixing all that’s broken in this world

The World Economic Forum has released a list of 30 companies for its 2017 Technology Pioneers list. Here are 7 companies that stood out, listed from super compelling to merely very compelling. 

PRESS RELEASE—Desktop Metal Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

JUN 14, 2017 - Desktop Metal was selected among hundreds of candidates as one of the World Economic Forum’s “technology pioneers”, a selection of the world’s most innovative companies. Pioneers were recognized for their potential to significantly impact business and society through new technologies and advance the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

ENGINEERING.COM—Desktop Metal’s CTO on the next generation of metal 3D printing

Ahead of RAPID+TCT 2017, Desktop Metal launched two new additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. To learn more about these systems, spoke to Jonah Myerberg, cofounder and chief technology officer of Desktop Metal.

DISRUPTIVE—Interview with Jonah Myerberg, Co-Founder and CTO, Desktop Metal

Disruptive Insight editor Rachel Park set aside some time to speak with Jonah Myerberg, the company’s co-founder and CTO to discuss the company's recent launch, its metal 3D printing systems and recent company news. 

ENGINEERING.COM—VIDEO: How additive manufacturing can produce metal parts en masse

In this video, we look at how 3D printer developers like Desktop Metal are advancing additive manufacturing technology to make mass production possible.

TECHCRUNCH—Video: Desktop Metal’s 3D printer makes metal manufacturing less messy

TechCrunch interviews Jonah Myerberg, Co-Founder and CTO of Desktop Metal at RAPID+TCT 2017.

WSJ—Your shoes will be printed shortly

By the end of 2017, the transformation of manufacturing will hit a milestone: mass-produced printed parts. Until now, that concept was an oxymoron, since 3-D printing has been used mainly for prototyping and customized parts.

TCT—Video: We take a look at Desktop Metal live at RAPID + TCT

Desktop Metal launched its metal 3D printing systems at RAPID + TCT, so we've spoken to CEO Ric Fulop and CTO Jonah Myerberg live on the show floor.

CNBC—Video: Faster, cheaper 3D printing for manufactured parts

Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal CEO, talks about implementing 3D technology into manufacturing at a fraction of the price of parts supplier.

FORBES—This Startup Aims To Revolutionize Metal 3D Printing For Manufacturers

Desktop Metal, a Massachusetts-based startup, announced today the release of two new metal 3D printing systems aimed at engineering and manufacturing firms. First, in September, the company's studio system will hit the market

TECHCRUNCH—Desktop Metal reveals how its 3D printers rapidly churn out metal objects

Desktop Metal calls its core technology “microwave enhanced sintering.” The company’s printers put down layers of metal and ceramic powders that are mixed in a soft polymer. The cartridges and alloys that work with the printers are made

AXIOS—Google-backed startup unveils 3D metal printing system

Desktop Metal on Tuesday morning will unveil its 3D metal printing system, which it believes will revolutionize the way metal components are designed and produced for automakers and a variety of other industries. Axios got a sneak peak yesterday

DIGITAL TRENDS—Forget plastic, this desktop printer builds with aluminum, titanium, and steel

Called the DM Studio and DM Production systems, the two new printers promise to cover every step in the metal printing process from prototyping to mass production, with the ability to 3D print custom objects out of alloys including steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium

TCT MAGAZINE—Behind the Scenes at Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal CEO, Ric Fulop, has assembled a team that wouldn't feel out of place debating quantum amongst Einstein's scientific realists and Bohr's instrumentalists. The difference being this team are pulling together to solve some of the most

THE VERGE—Desktop Metal Claims Its System Is Ten Times Cheaper Than Laser-based Systems

Printing ready-to-use metal objects at your desk is the dream for many engineers and tinkerers. Unfortunately, we're not there yet, but these new Desktop Metal printers, as seen on TechCrunch, get us a lot closer. The Studio Printer is

METAL AM—Announcing Two New Metal AM Systems For Prototyping And Mass Production

According to the company, the new systems – DM Studio and DM Production – mark a ‘fundamental shift’ in how products will be developed and brought to market, reducing production costs and increasing speed, safety and net quality.

AM MAGAZINE—Desktop Metal Introduces Two Metal 3D Printing Systems

The DM Studio System offers office-friendly operation, while the DM Production System enables the speed to compete with casting. Cloud-based software streamlines the workflow from CAD to printed parts. Separable Supports make it possible to

MATERIALS TODAY—Desktop Metal launches lower cost 3D printers

Until now, metal 3D printing has failed to meet today’s manufacturing needs due to high costs, slow processes and hazardous materials. Desktop Metal has eliminated these barriers by developing metal 3D printing systems that can

BBJ—After raising $97M, Google-backed Desktop Metal debuts first 3D printing system

Burlington-based startup Desktop Metal Inc. managed to attract nearly $100 million in investment in less than 18 months thanks to a high-powered founding team and a vision to upend manufacturing with a better 3D printer

NECN—Video: Google-backed Desktop Metal Debuts 3D Printing System

Boston Business Journal—Technology Reporter Kelly J. O'Brien joins NECN to discuss his story "After raising $97M, Google-backed Desktop Metal debuts first 3D printing system"

BOSTINNO—DM's Ambitious Plan: 3D Metal Printers for the Office and Mass Production

Desktop Metal, one of BostInno's 17 tech companies to watch in 2017, on Tuesday revealed not one but two product lines that aim to bring affordable, cloud-connected 3D metal printers into the office for prototyping and into mass production facilities

XCONOMY—Desktop Metal, Backed By $97M, Unveils Its First Metal 3D Printers

Desktop Metal took the wraps off its metal 3D printers this week. The startup has drawn $97 million from high-profile investors who are betting the technology could transform the way metal parts get developed and manufactured. So, what’s the big deal

FORBES—BMW, Google, And Lowe's Invest In Boston Metal 3D Printing Startup

BMW’s venture capital arm has invested in a startup focused on incorporating metal 3D printing into the design and manufacturing process. Along with GV, formerly known as Google Ventures, and Lowe’s Ventures, the investment from BMW iVentures

TECHCRUNCH—BMW and Lowe's among investors pouring $45 million into Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal has raised $45 million in a Series C round of venture funding to develop 3D printers that make metal objects. GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) led the investment, joined by BMW iVentures and the venture arm of Lowe’s, the home improvement retailer. 

BUSINESSWIRE—Google Ventures, BMW, and Lowe's invest in Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal, an emerging startup with the mission to bring metal 3D printing to all design and manufacturing teams, announced today it has raised a total of $97 million in equity funding since its founding in October 2015.  The announcement comes as the result

BMW BLOG—BMW i Ventures invests in Desktop Metal to bring metal 3D printing to cars

BMW i Ventures has announced a strategic investment in Desktop Metal, an emerging startup with the mission to bring metal 3D printing within reach of all design and manufacturing teams. Desktop Metal is committed to accelerating the adoption of

3DPRINT.COM—Strategic investment from GE Ventures and Saudi Aramco

As the hype for desktop FDM 3D printing has slowly dwindled over the past year or so, another, more industrial-driven additive manufacturing process has been gaining some much needed traction. Metal 3D printing has now garnered a generous portion

XCONOMY—Desktop Metal grabs $34m to move prototype 3D printers to market

The stakes just got even higher for Desktop Metal. The Boston-area 3D printing startup burst onto the scene last fall with a nearly $14 million initial funding round from high-profile investors NEA, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Lux Capital, 3D printing giant Stratasys