Simplified workflow management designed for fabrication shops

Fab Flow™ takes job tracking out of spreadsheets and email threads into a centralized platform-streamlining fabrication workflows across the shop floor.

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  • Increased fabrication success

    Prevent frustruation and delays due to miscommunication. The software automates design analysis and improves the iteration process with rich communication tools, such as in-model annotation.

  • Centralized shop management

    Fab Flow brings client and workflow management into a single location, giving shops the necessary visibility and controls to improve operations across the shop floor.

  • Custom-configurable platform

    Businesses can apply their own branding, define custom price models, and capture multiple process flows—customizing the platform to meet specific operational needs.

The process

1. Fab Flow platform customization

The shop manager customizes the Fab Flow environment-applying custom branding, specifying equipment and pricing, and defining workflows for each available fabrication process.

2. Model upload & analysis

Once a client uploads a CAD model, the software analyzes the design and provides immediate feedback on printability issues. In-model communication tools allow the shop manager and client to collaborate on design iteration.

3. Auto-generated quoting

Based on the selected material and print process, the software uses a shop-defined cost model to auto-generate a custom quote for the client’s approval.

4. Equipment management & live job tracking

A dashboard provides a consolidated view of the shop floor, allowing the shop manager to track all active jobs. The client can view the status of their job as it moves through fabrication.

Introduction to Fab Flow™