Industrial-grade composites, featuring continuous fiber tapes for unrivaled part strength*. Starting at $3,495/yr

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    Strongest composite parts**

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    Widest range of materials

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Material performance


Continuous fiber composites exponentially expand the material performance landscape by a factor of over 60x.

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    Chopped Fiber

    Most thermoplastic printers fall within a narrow range:

    • — <8 GPa tensile modulus
    • — <100 MPa strength

    Minor enhancements within this range are achieved via modifications to polymers or with the addition of fiber fillers.

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    Continuous Fiber

    Existing 3D-printed polymer and composite materials only account for a small fraction of engineering needs.

    Continuous fiber printing expands this landscape to enable stronger, lighter-weight components.

    • — Over 75x stiffer than ABS
    • — Over 60x stronger than ABS
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* Fiber™ uses unidirectional μAFP tape. The same type of industrial fiber material used to manufacture the highest performance fiber parts.

** Built with unidirectional μAFP tape, widely considered to be one of the highest performance structural materials available.

***Based on published list price available as of 10.31.2019, pricing subject change.

The uses depicted are actual uses by customers based on professionally designed parts using the Fiber™ printer. What you design, print, build, and use is your responsibility. Build responsibly.

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