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      What software do I use to operate the Fiber™ printer?

      Each Fiber™ subscription includes access to our state-of-the-art Fabricate™ software for use with the printer. Fabricate™ automates support generation (if required) and slicing while allowing you to tailor part properties by adjusting the quantity and direction of continuous fiber μAFP™ tape used in your parts. Customers will also receive access to new releases and software updates for Fabricate™ as they become available.

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      How much do materials cost?

      Materials will be available for purchase at the following MSRPs:

      Chopped Fiber FFF Filament

      • $149: 1 FFF Filament Spool PA6 Chopped Carbon Fiber (1kg)
      • $149: 1 FFF Filament Spool PA6 Chopped Fiber Glass (1kg)
      • $849: 1 FFF Filament Spool PEEK Chopped Carbon Fiber (1kg)
      • $849: 1 FFF Filament Spool PEKK Chopped Carbon Fiber (1kg)

      Continuous Fiber µAFP™ Tape

      • $149: 1 μAFP™ Tape Spool PA6 Continuous Carbon Fiber (50cc)
      • $99: 1 μAFP™ Tape Spool PA6 Continuous Fiber Glass (50cc)
      • $449: 1 μAFP™ Tape Spool PEEK Continuous Carbon Fiber (50cc)
      • $449: 1 μAFP™ Tape Spool PEKK Continuous Carbon Fiber (50cc)

      Prices are in US Dollars and do not include taxes or shipping & handling fees. Prices may vary by region.

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      Does each material require a different tool head?

      Fiber™ utilizes a dual-deposition print process involving a µAFP™ tool head that deposits continuous fiber tape paired with a FFF tool head that extrudes chopped fiber filled thermoplastic filament. To switch between the tool heads, Fiber™ uses a robotic tool changer architecture, which enables future expandability and is capable of storing up to four tools, including additional FFF tool heads for future enhancements such as soluble support material or automated in-process inspection.

      Only one μAFP™ tool head is necessary to deposit the full range of available continuous fiber μAFP™ tapes.

      Separate FFF tool heads are needed to print chopped fiber filaments with Nylon (PA6) thermoplastic material versus PEEK or PEKK high temperature thermoplastic material. All Fiber™ subscriptions include an FFF tool head for printing Nylon (PA6) with chopped fiber filament, while Fiber™ HT subscriptions include an additional FFF tool head for printing PEEK and PEKK with chopped fiber filament.

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      Can the tape head accommodate steering?

      The Fiber™ printer and µAFP™ tool head are capable of steering; however, we are still optimizing the process and software for this feature, so it will not be available at launch. In the meantime, it’s important to consider that steering around holes or curves may not add significant value when the primary load paths for a part are along an axis of the structure. Additionally, with Fiber™, you can achieve tailor the material properties of your part by alternating the direction of the linear tape paths from layer to layer.

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      Is any post-processing required?

      Unlike traditional composite hand-layup processes, with Fiber™, parts come out of the printer ready for use with no post-processing required. Customers always have the option to post-anneal PEEK and PEKK parts or machine parts if desired to obtain improved properties or refine geometries.

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      Can I use third party materials?

      In order to ensure part quality and process simplicity, customers can only purchase materials from Desktop Metal or Authorized Resellers. Any use of third party materials violates the Fiber™ Subscription Agreement and may void your Fiber™ subscription.

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      Can I purchase Fiber™ outright?

      For commercial customers, Fiber™ is currently only available via a hardware-as-a-service subscription; there is no option to purchase the printer outright or at the end of your subscription term. For government and education customers we can offer outright purchase options for Fiber printers. Contact [email protected] for additional details.

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      How much does a Fiber™ subscription cost?

      Introductory pricing for US Fiber™ subscriptions starts at $3,495 per year for the Fiber™ LT or $5,495 per year for the Fiber™ HT, each with a minimum 3-year term (billed annually).

      Introductory pricing for EMEA and APAC Fiber™ subscriptions starts at $3,995 per year for the Fiber™ LT or $5,995 per year for the Fiber™ HT, each with a minimum 3-year term (billed annually).

      All prices are in US dollars and do not include taxes or shipping & handling fees.

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      Does a Fiber™ subscription include materials?

      Each Fiber™ subscription includes a small amount of starter material to help with installation and getting started. Beyond this, subscriptions do not include any additional material. Material will be available for purchase separately on an as-needed basis (both chopped fiber FFF filament and continuous fiber μAFP™ tapes) on Desktop Metal’s website or via Authorized Resellers.

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      When does Fiber™ begin shipping?

      Fiber is scheduled to begin shipping in Fall 2020 in the US and internationally soon after.

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      If I order Fiber™ online now, when will my subscription start?

      If you order now to lock in your Fiber™ subscription at a limited time introductory price, your subscription term won’t commence until Desktop Metal ships your printer. We’ll send you an email with additional details 14 days prior to shipment, including information on any applicable taxes or shipping & handling fees.

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      Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

      Each Fiber™ subscription requires a minimum 3-year term, during which you are billed annually.

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      Can I pay for all 3 years upfront?

      We currently only accept orders online with payments towards your first year subscription fee. If you are interested in paying for all 3 years up front, reach out to your local Desktop Metal Authorized Reseller or contact [email protected]

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      Will my Fiber™ subscription renew automatically?

      After your minimum 3-year term is complete, your subscription will auto-renew on an annual basis. We will email you as a reminder at least 30 days prior to each auto-renewal so you can opt out and cancel your subscription if desired. Otherwise, your subscription will renew, and we will charge the applicable annual subscription fee to your payment method on file.